what matters is building well
what matters is building well

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max zerrahn
"Live, or die: mere consequences of what you have built. What matters is building well. So here we are, I’ve assigned myself a new obligation. I’m going to stop undoing, deconstructing, I’m going to start building… What matters is what you are doing when you die, and when June 16th comes around, I want to be building."

— Muriel Barbury The Elegance of the Hedgehog 

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Wide, the margin between carte blanche and the white page. Nevertheless it is not in the margin that you can find me, but in the yet whiter one that separates the word-strewn sheet from the transparent, the written page from the one to be written in the infinite space where the eye turns back to the eye, and the hand to the pen, where all we write is erased, even as you write it. For the book imperceptibly takes shape within the book we will never finish. 

There is my desert.

Edmond Jabes (via)

Hugues Erre

by harry clark

Blue Skies - Noah and the Whale (via)

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